Bird protection – team building adventure at Fenékpusza

Corporate Social Responsibility team building program


fenekpusztaCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offers a chance to colleagues working mainly in an office environment to get to know each other in other situations than the usual work they conduct together and to become a more efficient and harmonized team.

The thematic approach of our team building program serves as a challenge for our program participants: natural habitats are shrinking dramatically as a result of man’s impact on the environment. Original forests have been replaced by managed forests or agricultural lands. Most wetland habitats fell victim to drainage or intensive restructuring.

We developed our two days program with the aim to prevent further habitat shrinking, enabling our program participants to help to reach these goals with their volunteer work in the Western basin of Lake Balaton  at the bird protection and ringing station at Fenékpuszta. Additionally to the CSR team building events, we offer short professional presentations and workshops held by our experts in order to provide our tour participants with the relevant knowledge. This program is a great outdoor adventure, from which our participants can take home valuable knowledge and the good feeling of having contributed to a meaningful goal.

How is the training structured?

After arrival, we present the Fenékpuszta Bird Protection and Ringing Station and the work of the Bird Protection Association to our guests.

There will be several presentations and short workshops about species- and habitat protection as well as environment protection problems and solutions.

The group of 50 participants will be organized into smaller groups of 5-6 persons and they conduct the following tasks on a rotational basis:

  • Station 1: canoe program – cleaning the reed, presentation on the bird protection station and on the practice of ringingfenekpuszta2
  • Station 2: Habitat reconstruction at the Northern working area
  • Station 3: Refurbishing of the aviary
  • Station 4: Habitat reconstruction at the Southern working area
  • Station 5: Replacement of the storage roof

With these activities, we help to achieve the following goals:


– To builds capacities of the bird protection station in order to accommodate and nurse 50 injured birds, and to store enough food, medication, and equipment,

– To reconstruct and protect the habitat of 2000 wild orchid plants (20-30 species),

– To clean the reed from a canoe

– To popularize bird protection

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