Single Day Farm Visit with Seasonal Cooking Lesson and Organic Food Tasting

Single Day Farm Visit with Seasonal Cooking Lesson and Organic Food Tasting 

Location: Zsámbok

Event Summary:

We look forward to organizing and offering a single day event where invited guests will have the opportunity to visit the farm and receive a guided tour while getting a practical introduction to organic growing methods. The tour would be led by a member of the ZsambokiBiokert garden team.

Following the farm introduction guests would have the opportunity to harvest fresh and seasonal organic vegetables present on the farm. Guests would then be lead through a practical cooking seminar by an experienced food preparation specialist in which the harvested ingredients would be utilized to cook a meal including a main dish, appetizers and related dressings. The meal would be comprised of ingredients harvested directly by the guest team from our garden. During the meal preparation process and the meal following, guests would have the opportunity to learn more about the nutritional properties of each meal ingredient, and additional seasonal recipes.

Targeted Guests: Organic, local and sustainable farming enthusiasts; Healthy cooking and vegetarian cooking advocates


-Provide a practical, firsthand introduction to a small scale organic and biodynamic farm in the Hungarian countryside

-Outline ZsambokiBiokert’s mission, outreach and farm management strategies to guests

-Give guests and opportunity to learn more about organic growing and cooking with rare and less often used seasonal ingredients

-Pass on functional seasonal food preparation skills to guests which can be utilized in the future

Tentative Event Day Schedule:

10:00 Arrival and Introduction with refreshments

10:30-11:30 Farm Tour and Practical Introduction

11:30-12:15 Ingredient Harvesting and Preparation

12:15-13:30 Practical Cooking Demonstration-preparation, cooking, presentation

13:30-14:00 Group Lunch

14:00 Closing Remarks and Departure


The guest house on the farm will be used for the cooking demonstration; it will also serve as the initial meeting point and place for storing belongings throughout the day.

Weather Considerations:

Guest should be reminded to prepare accordingly for weather conditions based on the forecast; the event can take place in clear or rainy weather conditions

The program has two social aims:

  • supporting the educational program of the organic farm
  • contributing to the improvement of the pedal powered centrifuge, which is designedfor the drying of lettuce leaves and vegetables produced on the farm

About the organic farm in Zsámbok

The farm was established a few years ago and it specialised in the production of special lettuce species besides the production of seasonal vegetables. However, the farm was established only in 2010, its owners already have decade’s experience in the field of organic farming. Besides organic vegetables, they are also engaged in the production of organic eggs and forage, and in the breeding of chickens. They plough with the help of horses. The aim of the model farm is to produce as much species of vegetables as possible in a small amount, but with the best quality and with making the least harm.

The essence of organic production is to maximise the vitality of the soil and the different forms of lives living around it. Healthy plants only grow in a healthy soil, and that will become a healthy food, thus providing us a healthy life. On the farm, they also run an educational program that makes it possible for the students of the local primary school to learn and practice organic farming. The farm gives permanent jobs to seven local workers and four temporary jobs during seeding and the harvest period in spring and summer.


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